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And the Winners Are!!

After an INSPIRING 2 days, we are proud and happy to announce the winners of our District 95 Speech and Evaluation Contests.  The District 95 Champion of the International Speech contest, Denise Banks-Grasedyck will travel to Vancouver in August to represent us at the World
Championship of Public Speaking, 2017! Congratulations to ALL OUR WINNERS!






International Speech Contest (English):

Denise Banks-Grasedyck

Vanya Eide

Alexandra Lewandowska

Evaluation Contest (English):

Ovidiu Oltean

Peter Hadju

Ben Parsens






International Speech (Redewettbewerb in der deutsche Sprache):

Thomas Müller

Martin Behring

Christiane Bischoff

Evaluation Contest (Bewertungswettbewerb in der deutsche Sprache):

Mel Kelly

Friederike Galland

Andreas Fehrens




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