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Save the date – fall conferences in our District

One of the reasons why being part of Toastmasters is great are the events. During the spring and the autumn, you can find several occasions to see new cities and meet interesting people – the Conferences. Our District is divided into Divisions – some of them have two or three countries so here is an opportunity – at one event you get the chance to get introduced to more than one culture.

Each event is different and the Divisions not only use this opportunity to offer very good training sessions but is also a networking event for the members and non-members. In order to make it easier we had a calendar, and you can use it to #travelWithToastmasters and learn more about people, habits, culture and see very good public speaking competitions in this part of Europe.



1-2 Apr Division E - Piła
8-9 Apr Division J - Białystok
8-9 Apr Division G - Stockholm
22-23 Apr Division A - Münster
22-23 Apr Division B - Kyiv
22-23 Apr Division C - Berlin
22-23 Apr Division D - Vienna
22-23 Apr Division F - Bad Homburg
22-23 Apr Division K - Vilnius
22-23 Apr Division L - Prague
29-30 Apr Division I - Nürnberg
5-6 May Division H - Iași