Our rollout took place March, 20th 2018 with all in Region 11.  You all have a Pathways access Login on and here you are going to find supportive material which we found useful.

Information Links

On this page you’ll find some screenshots, videos from Toastmasters, the Sample Icebreaker project and several other first glances of Pathways.


Pathways Guides & Pathways Ambassadors

We thank our team of Pathways Ambassadors and Pathways Guides who helped with the rollout and the introduction into clubs. A lot of them are still active even after their term ended. They are valuable resources for your training sessions and support.

Also Ellen Hermens, Pathways Chief Ambassador ( and Goetz Mueller, Pathways Coordinator ( stay active and feel free to get in touch when your first approaches to solve something didn´t help.

Public Resources

There are several resources on – here we’ve collected the links to the publicly available documents:

Pathways Q&A: