District 95 at a Glance

Welcome from our District Director, 2017 – 2018 – Andrei Popescu DTM

Good morning Fellow Toastmasters,

They say that if you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room. This is the one thing I’ve always loved about Toastmasters – I’ve always felt like being in the right room!

The new Toastmasters year has just begun. It’s a great time to take a big-picture view and ask ourselves the very powerful question “Why?”!   Why are we in Toastmasters?

For most people it’s about Public Speaking. And rightly so! With hundreds of meetings taking place every week, across 18 countries in our District, you’d be hard pressed to find a better context in which to build this skill which Warren Buffet deemed absolutely invaluable.

But Toastmasters is about so much more than that!

The organization attracts very opinionated people. And not all those opinions are similar. Sooner or later we will encounter a fellow Toastmaster who thinks the exact opposite and has the strongest conviction. If we put your heart into Toastmasters, as many members do, we will find a lot of time spent this year in apparent arguments which can turn out to be the biggest lessons for us.

Being able to disagree in an agreeable way, to influence thinking in a positive way, to lead teams of totally diverse individuals, that is a core competency that we learn in Toastmasters. And if we do all this in the spirit of Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence, then this year will turn out to be an unbelievable growth opportunity for all of us.

I guess that’s why they say that Toastmasters is Where Leaders are Made!

Myself, together with the Core Team leading the District, plus all the Division and Area Directors, we’ll be at your service, helping you and your Club to grow. Never hesitate to drop us a line for whatever you might need and we’ll be there for you.

Have a wonderful year and a challenging fun-packed learning process!

Proud to present the core team of our District 95 for 2017 – 2018:

District 95 – History and Geography

District 95 was born on July 1st 2014. It encompasses Toastmasters clubs from the Nordic Countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark),
Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova.

In other words, our members are Toastmasters in :Nor 🇳🇴 Swe 🇸🇪 Fin 🇫🇮 Den🇩🇰 Ger 🇩🇪 Pol 🇵🇱 Cze 🇨🇿 Aus 🇦🇹 Hun 🇭🇺 Rom 🇷🇴 Est 🇪🇪 Lat 🇦🇹
Lit 🇱🇹 Svk 🇸🇰 Ukr 🇺🇦 Bul 🇧🇬 Mol 🇲🇩 Cro 

Our District is made up of a total of 18 countries and starting with next year we will split into 3 districts – an opportunity for each club, area, division to grow and mature and nurture others!


District 95 is a diverse, distinct and dynamic voice in Toastmasters International.

Here are ways to Find a Club: https://toastmastersd95.org/d95-at-a-glance/our-clubs/



Dear Members of District 95,

Exciting changes will take place beginning in the 2018 Toastmasters year! We are undergoing the European Reformation which will re-define the Toastmaster borders within much of Europe.  Read about these developments here: