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Election 2018 -2019 Nominated candidates

Fellow Toastmasters,

One month from now we will meet in Athens and decide the Future of 3 Districts.
We will be casting votes for Future District 95,Future District 108 and Future District 110  Core teams and Division Directors, for the 2018-2019 term.
In order to make our decision better informed, a District Leadership Committee, chaired by Dirk Brueckner, has been working hard over the past months, running interviews and vetting candidates.
Below are the Nominated Candidates for Core Team Elected Positions and for Division Director Positions:

Future District 95

Core Team Nominated candidates:                                                          Division Directors Nominated candidates:



Future District 108

Core Team Nominated candidates:                                                          Division Directors Nominated candidates:



Future District 110

Core Team Nominated candidates:                                                          Division Directors Nominated candidates:




Besides them, any candidate that meets the requirements can decide to run from the floor during the District Council Meetings on May 26th.

Andrei Popescu
2017-2018 District Director

Talk-Up Toastmasters Membership Building Contests is now open!

Add 5 or more members to your club over the 2-month period (February-March) you will get recognition and a fancy ribbon from Toastmasters International!

Details can be found on the link below :…/F5673723522A4FA29B7ED302B2F4…

What you can do already is:
1) Tell your club members that the Talk Up Toastmasters contest is here
2) Have a look at one of our PR Webinars
3) Make sure that at your next club meeting you have membership application forms prepared!

Stay tuned for more information 

Residential weekend 2018 – events around our District

I would like to share with you information about upcoming and passed events in the Districts. Below you can find details of an upcoming event happening in Division L (Czech Republic):

‘Do you know how you can fit celebration, discovery, and expression into just one weekend? The residential weekend‘s team knows. Yes, that means the residential weekend returns in 2018 to bring all enthusiastic Toastmasters members together to have fun, learn, inspire each other, be KIND and have fun, fun and FUN!

Maybe you, beautiful, can guess the main theme of this exciting event? KIND WORDS! Kind words can be short & easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless. So what’s your kind word?

Save the dates: Friday, February 16th evening to Sunday, February 18th before lunch. Check our FB event page to discover the workshops and many more valuable yet spiced up with a pinch of fun information.

What can you be looking for?

* Numerous workshops on Saturday (in English and Czech/Slovak in 3 different tracks),
* Master Class on Saturday and Sunday morning,
* Stand-up Comedy night on Saturday evening,
* Fun events on Friday and Saturday (networking, bowling and more…).

You can find more details on the even website
Join us for a weekend of fun, kindness, inspiration, and discovery! It would be a huge honor to have you there.

Looking forward to seeing you at the hugest informal Toastmasters event in the Czech Republic! ‘

FALL 2017 Conference EARLY BIRD!

Oh no! Our D95 Famiglia is in CHAOS! The Capo Superiore has been kidnapped! HOW WILL THIS DARK STORY END? Be one of the lucky 95 members to gain an early bird ticket and find out! Registration opens tomorrow – 1 June 2017 at 12:00!

Set your clock so you can attend the D95 Familigia Reunion for the incredible early bird rate of €84,99! In the meantime, get your clan together and watch the full story here:

60 Years and Still Going Strong!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and CONGRATULATIONS to our Ramstein Speakers Association! After 60 years of dedication, leadership and learning – it’s TIME TO CELEBRATE! RSVP and join the fun here:

Further questions? Get in touch with the VP Public Relations:

HERE’S to another 60 great years of Toastmastering! Applause!


Celebrating 60 years!