PATHWAYS Rollout in D95

You wish to support in the PATHWAYS rollout? – Essentials for volunteers

That´s great! We can offer two opportunities: (in the role description you find the requirements and more)

Both roles include the possibility to achieve the credits towards earning “Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) credit for one year of district leader service”.

We expect the active time of the service to be from January-June 2018 – the exact dates come from TI during the rollout process.

Selection Process of Pathways Guides and Ambassadors

First you send in your application until the deadline of November 19th 2017. Send it to the Chief Ambassador responsible for your Future District.

After that we confirm the receipt of the application and collect it together with all other applications. We then go through all applications and check them for the requirements of the role and verify who is the best candidate for the position. Please understand that this may take a while. In case we need further information we would get in touch with you.

Until December 4th 2017 we need to select the Pathways Guides (appointed by PQD) and Ambassadors (appointed by Chief Ambassador). That is when you are being notified about the decision.

When you are an appointed Pathways Guide you are going to get a PWG kit from Toastmasters Int. with all material you need for your job. Only then you are going to get access to the Pathways Guide Handbook, training and other material.

Approximate time schedule of the rollout

Based on the information that our schedule is going to take place in March 2018 we figured the following timeline – provided that we meet all necessary requirements in Region 11.

We expect the training to start in January during the “prep month” and perhaps already in December, after that you have time of about 1,5 months to visit the clubs. During that time the Pathways Guides already offer their virtual support sessions.

Our goal is to smoothen the rollout for the clubs and members as best we can.

More questions?

Please check the Pathways Q&A first and after that approach your Chief Ambassador.

Chief Ambassadors

For further questions please feel free to get in touch with the Chief Ambassadors:

Ellen Hermens, DTM, Chief Ambassador for Future District 95

Ellen Hermens, DTM
Chief Ambassador for Future District 95

Francizsek Szych, DTM, Chief Ambassador for Future District 108

Francizsek Szych, DTM
Chief Ambassador for Future District 108

Henry Scullion, Chief Ambassador for Future District 110

Henry Scullion
Chief Ambassador for Future District 110