We expect the rollout for our District in Spring 2018 with the rollout to Region 11.  Until then we’ve collected some links and material publicly available to us here, which give a first glance to PATHWAYS. We’ve also added a special Q&A Section here to answer questions currently being
asked especially in our district.

Information Links

On this page you’ll find some screenshots, videos from Toastmasters, the Sample Icebreaker project and several other first glances of Pathways.


Pathways Guides & Pathways Ambassadors

For the rollout we are still looking for Ambassadors and Pathways Guides to help with the introduction into clubs. While Ambassadors are more for explaining the “WHY” and handling the change management – the Pathways Guide will be the local support person for app. 10 clubs.

Our plan is to have all Ambassadors in place by end of 2017. The selection of the Pathways Guides will start as soon as we get the official roll-out information by Toastmasters Int.  Which will be the second rollout in 2018 by the information we have right now (summer 2017).

Pathways Guides information

  • We are going to be notified 3-4 months before the rollout starts – that is the time we are going to select the Pathways Guides.
    In the meantime, we’re collecting the names of interested members and informing them from time to time. Of course feel free to send in your application, just be aware that we do not select anyone yet.
  • Every club will be assigned a Pathways Guide (one PWG is taking care of ten clubs)
  • Pathways Guide Role Description – Read if you meet the requirements for a Pathways Guide
  • Pathways Guide Application – Feel free to drop us a note or to send in an application

Pathways Ambassador information

Public Resources

There are several resources on – here we’ve collected the links to the publicly available documents:

If you have any questions not covered here feel free to send a mail to the Chief Ambassador Ellen Hermens at

Pathways Q&A: