I’ll show you how to avoid Christmas financial crises!

Let us admit masculinely that Christmas has become totally materialized. Everything is about gifts. It is Christmas time slowly and the launch of the industrial-scale Christmas kitsch in the mall has started. The problem is that for many of my friends, Christmas is a long-term stomach, and the fact that they have to spend some of their hard-to-accumulate savings if they don’t want offenses.

But at Christmas, nobody wants to argue, because this is a celebration of love. That’s why the Christmas shopping is heading up, where 5-10,000 forints / beloved relatives are flying.

We spend too much on gifts


The biggest problem is basically the product of the increase in the value of gifts and the increase in the number of people to be donated. The Christmas gifting has definitely stepped out of our “loved ones” and now it is “fit” to give a second, third-hand friend if we are somewhat better than average.

There is never a problem with a couple of thousand forints, but with the fact that we have to spend a lot of this time on this celebration! Think about buying a gift for 20 people (family, friends, colleagues) for an average of $ 3,000, and you have already spent $ 60,000. And this number does not include gift items for couples or children, which items can often amount to 50-100,000 forints for an average family.

I do not admire that you will be experiencing your own financial crises at Christmas if you have to “spend” 150,000-200,000 forints on gifts, cakes, and small items.

Make a Christmas list

Make a Christmas list

The most important step is to prepare yourself consciously for the gifts to be offered for Christmas, both in quantity and quality. You have to see that whatever you want, you will not be able to give all the people, because then there will be the whole family saving.

Instead, choose the smart solution and write down a list of those who come to mind. Then write the numbers next to the names from 1 to 5, depending on how important the person is to you, how much you were present in your everyday life, in your life last year. Be strict and give only 5 people who really belong to your inner circle! (Family bond does not mean automatic 5 points)

After you rigorously and carefully roll your name list, draw down the names of those who got 1 or 2 points. They are the people you would only give for being “fit”, otherwise you have no influence on your life at all levels and it is not important to “meet” them at all!

Determine your budget!

Determine your budget!

It is very important that you base your budget on your own financial means and not be careful about how others act. If you don’t want to be disappointed, you might want to talk to everyone in advance about what the cost / gift frame should be, but don’t let yourself start with a kind of price competition. If someone wants to spend more on you, please be happy and thank you. It’s your decision, not yours.

It’s very easy to determine the budget . You can spend up to 25% of your revenue in December (optional) as a gift. Let’s say your income and your total income are $ 400,000. In this case, you could spend up to 100,000 forints on gifts (this also includes a gift for each other and for the kids!).

50-50% rule

50-50 , that is, you can spend 50% of the available envelope on each other and on the children, while the other 50% goes to the gift of everyone else. So staying with this example is $ 50,000.

You are now taking your paper and adding the numbers along with the remaining names. For example, it is 30. Then you divide 50 000 forints by 30, so your annual Christmas unit money will be 1666 forints. From this point on, it is easy to give you 3 points for a maximum of 1 666x 3 forints, while 4 points for 4x 1666 for 5 points for 5 × 1666 forints.

We always calculate the amount of gift money from your frame, and inadvertently we do not derive our frame from the number of people. Think about it, if you do that, what would happen to you! There are 15 people you want to donate and you spend on average 4,000 HUF for everybody, then 15x 4000 = 60,000 HUF, which went beyond what you could afford…

Buy in advance

Buy in advance

You should not be afraid of “what if I buy the gift too early?”. What’s the real problem? Are you afraid that money is thrown out of the window because your friendship is not so strong in August or September that it stays in December? Are you afraid of losing the “I want to buy a gift” on the go?

Then this man is not so important to you in a moment. So you have to give him 1 or 2 points on your list and solve the problem.

If we look at the standard Christmas gift listings, then the family is typically with it and the best friends and coworkers. These are regular people all year round, with a few more people in the last minute. But this will be up to 10-20% of your entire list. So you can get what you want with 80% of the existing one and significantly cheaper.

Leaving a gift for the last minute will cost you 30% more on average than those who buy consciously…