Welcome From Our District Director

11288942_1109296832418734_3549929248404890762_o-1_Fotor A new Toastmasters year has just begun for all of us.  What does it mean for me?  During this year: I will make mistakes that I will be sorry for.  I will be asked to make tough decisions without knowing all that is necessary to make proper ones. I will probably try and fail many times over.

As Toastmasters, we are all asked to do “stuff” we have never done before.  One year from now,  we,  your officers,  will have all the knowledge and skills required to do our jobs properly… One year too late, but that’s how Toastmasters operates and that’s why it works so well.  We will acquire skills that we can apply in our private and professional lives. We will be better managers, better organizers, better communicators. Better people.  Let this year be a year of learning!  At the end of it, I wish that everyone of us can stand in front of a mirror say:  “I learned, I grew, I did well.”    – Michal Talaga, District 95 Director, 2016-2017


Give a Workshop – Spring Conference Berlin, May 2017

If you are interested, here’s everything you need to know:

We have chosen “Understanding what´s Important” as our theme. We feel this is something we take too little time to think about but something that greatly influences the actions and risks we take and the decisions we make.

We are looking for workshops which will help members understand what is important, for example: when creating visions, to discover and develop their personal potentials, in dealing effectively with failures, becoming better communicators, mentors and leaders or club builders and getting the most out of what Toastmasters has to offer for your club and personal life.

We are certain there are many of you out there who have the knowledge and skills to help us in “understanding what´s important“. Are you keen on taking your skills to a new level and presenting a workshop in English or German at the District 95 Spring Conference?

Now is the chance! We are looking just for you!

Please sign up using the application form, to become one of our inspiring workshop Leaders and send it via mail to Barbara Hoerger : b.toastmasters@kabelmail.de.

The timeline for the workshop committee is:

  • Closing date for application:                               February 11, 2017
  • Workshop selection completed:                          February 23, 2017
  • Final program and workshops announced:         March 18, 2017

Please Note: According to TMI rules participants in any of the contests at District level and candidates for any elected positions are not allowed to give a workshop.

Final selections will be made by a panel lead by workshop chair Barbara Hoerger.

When choosing which workshop proposals to accept, we will base our evaluations on the following criteria:

  • The quality of the workshop presenter
  • The relevance to the target audience of the workshop
  • The originality and interactive character of the workshop (no repetitions of workshops at previous conferences)

When you sign up as a workshop presenter you agree to:

  • Take part in a personal call with our workshop chair
  • Should you be accepted as a presenter, confirm your attendance within 7 days of being notified
  • Accept the workshop slot assigned to you if selected
  • Pay the full conference fee by April 28, 2017
  • Send a high quality professional photograph (face) to be attached to your workshop announcement together with your application and authorize your text and photograph to be used in promotional material (i.e., on flyers and on our website, in Social Media accounts) related to the District Conference.


Wonderful Warsaw Fall Conference!

UNBOX words to describe our Fall District Conference in Warsaw last weekend! The impressions are still rolling around in our minds! How about: EXCELLENCE ! EXUBERANCE ! This conference not only raised the bar for professional event management.  The organizers created space to  UNBOX our District feeling of fun and community!  We are STRONGER than before and more INSPIRED to GROW in joy and service in our lives, our clubs, our divisions. our District – and above all – in our communities.













Here are our contest winners:


German Table Topics Contest (Stehgreifreden Wettbewerb – Deutsch)


  1. Friederike Galland (Berliner Redekünstler)
  2. Jörn Nagel (Ulmer Redespatzen)
  3. Andreas Fehrens (Die Prager Toastmasters)

united-kingdom-1332946_640   English Table Topics Contest (Impromptu Speaking)

  1. Stephanie Brush (Prague Business Toastmasters)
  2. Michael Hurst (Mercury Toastmasters Berlin)
  3. Ranjith Venkatesth (Munich Prostmasters)

german-flag-1332897_640   German Humorous Speech Contest (Humorvolle Rede Wettbewerb – Deutsch)

  1. Marek Schiffer (Spreeredner)
  2. Steffen Grützki (Rhetoenschmiede)
  3. Frank Lenßen (Rhetorik Club Wiesbaden)

united-kingdom-1332946_640  English Humorous Speech Contest

  1. Davis Golds (Riga Toastmasters)
  2. Peter Hajdu (Prestbeszed – Hungary)
  3. Marc Schuck (Nuremberg Toastmasters)

More pictures and impressions will follow in the weeks to come!






Warsaw is Waiting

This year’s District 95 Fall Conference is on track towards becoming a DAZZLING event! What’s waiting for you in Warsaw:


Elephants!  Speaking Elephants to be exact! Be their guest for a pre-UNBOX ALPHA club meeting!! The event will be held from 7:00 – 9:00 pm on Thursday, 24 November. See their website for more details: http://speakingelephants.pl/. The meeting will feature Mr. George Yen, DTM.  Mr. Yen is our Keynote speaker and a former President of Toastmasters International. (2014-2014).yencolor


Experts! Workshops by the best and the brightest from District 95 and beyond.












Entertainment!  Delicious Food, Ice Skating, Christmas Market, Castles and so much more!

food castlesice x-mas-market-in-warsaw

EXCELLENCE!  Speech and Table Topics Winners from English and German competitions from each of our PROUD DIVISIONS!  New CHAMPIONS will be UNBOXED!


Friends, Fun and Beautiful memories…. #UNBOX YOURSELF….Warsaw is waiting!



GREAT SPEAKERS are waiting for you at the upcoming District 95 Fall conference in Warsaw! These excellent EXPERTS will be sharing their knowledge and experience to help you UNBOX yourself in Toastmasters, in your personal and professional life and in your community.  How will they do it?  Click on their pictures and scroll for descriptions of their workshop!



George Yen, DTM

George Yen, DTM

Jorie Wu, DTM

Jorie Wu, DTM

Ellen Hermens, DTM

Ellen Hermens, DTM

Lars Sundmann, DTM

Lars Sundmann, DTM

Michał Grześkowiak ACG, ALB

Michał Grześkowiak ACG, ALB

Kai-Jürgen Lietz ACG, ALB

Kai-Jürgen Lietz ACG, ALB

Lukas Liebich ACG, ALB

Lukas Liebich ACG, ALB

Amy S. Hamilton ACS, ALB

Amy S. Hamilton ACS, ALB

Elena Pawęta ACB, ALB

Elena Pawęta ACB, ALB

Kristin Kluck CC, ALB

Kristin Kluck CC, ALB

Welcome to 9127 South Jamaica Street – New World Headquarters Address

Welcome to 9127 South Jamaica St.

The site of the future Toastmasters International World Headquarters. The transition from the current location in Rancho Santa Margarita, California to the new address just outside of Denver, Colorado is due to be completed in the 3rd quarter of 2018. Get the full story here: https://mediacenter.toastmasters.org/2016-10-17-Toastmasters-International-to-Relocate-Headquarters-to-Denver-in-2018.



European Reformation Approved

The joint European Reformation proposal for re-structuring Districts 95 and our sister District 59 was approved by the Toastmasters International at the International Convention in Washington DC on August 17, 2016.  This measure effectively “re-draws” the Toastmasters map for much of Europe, and will result in the creation of  6 new districts!  July 1, 2017 to June 1, 2018 will be a transitional year in both Districts, preparing for the reformation.   The new District structures are slated to be in place effective July 1, 2018. 

Detailed information and updates will follow.

Until then, you can review the excellent background information under these links:



The future looks bright!


Provided by Morag Matheson, DTM – Chair, European Reformation Committee


A Message from the organizers:


These are the last days of promo hotel bookings in Warsaw Plaza. Since the 1st of September, remaining rooms will be released for others – non-Toastmasters guests.

If you have not book your hotel yet, you have an opportunity to do so, using our promo code:


Better together to be #Unboxed!



We Are the Champions!

It was a wonderful evening when representatives from our District took the stage to SHINE at this years  annual Toastmasters International Convention in Washington DC on August 17 – 20, 2016 –  District Champion László Szűcs pulled off a SPECTACULAR 3rd place in his tough semi-final round.  Congratulations Champ!  We are ALL SO PROUD OF YOU!

Laszlos win

In the meantime, last year’s District Leaders, members and supporters sparkled at the Hall of Fame ceremony, to celebrate our achievement as a Presidents Distinguished District.  (The highest award a District can earn !)